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Miami Dade Real Estate Investors Association Mission Statement

The purpose of the Miami Dade Real Estate Investors Association is to provide a dynamic networking and educational environment for all real estate investors from full time seasoned investors to newbies, homeowners, and real estate professionals. Everyone involved with MD-REIA will have the opportunity to further their real estate education and create a stronger network to enhance their business and real estate investing.

Team Members

Ryan Kuhlman

Anish Dave

Antonio Lopez

Who Attends and Why?

Those who attend Miami Dade come from various backgrounds and all walks of life, all with one thing in common … real estate. Attendees range from people with limited schooling to those who have completed post-graduate work. These are attendees who work full time, part time, and even some who are unemployed and desire to enter the world of real estate investing. More importantly, in attendance are professionals that support the real estate investors such as attorneys, title agents, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, appraisers, etc., all of whom have knowledge and expertise to add to your investing success. BREIA is a diverse group for anyone who yearns to prosper in the real estate industry.

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